>  The New Mind Science of Sports Achievement

The New Mind Science of Sports Achievement


This program provides Initiatives for the Ultimate in Sports Development.  Our Unique and Effective Bio-Genetics Assessments address the Four Functional Action Factors that affect athletes: Physical, Mindsets, Emotion and Spirit.  Blocks to Potential are Regularly Detected using our unique assessments. We then design programs to overcome any Negative Issues and Enhance Positive Mind Set Patterns.  We also implement Emotional and Spirit Models of Performance.

  • Includes Quick DNA Saliva Test.
  • Includes Bio-Genetic Light 1, Bio-Genetic Light 2, and Music Assessments.
  • Includes 4 books: Decoding Potential; Your Exceptional Mind; How We Analyze and Understand Things; and Creative, Organizational and Action Life Skills for Success.
  • Includes FOUR Potentia Forum Personal Advisory Sessions.

Add-on Option:  Purchase Additional packages from The Potentia Forum – Support and Advisory

Total Cost: $495  To Purchase Click here