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The DNA Profile

bio-genetic-smTHE DNA PROFILE

This Program provides a more in depth analysis with an additional layer of information for wellness and decision-making. You will receive reports on nutrition, sports and exercise, addiction, allergy management and personality development. Each report includes summary, risk assessment, recommendations and additional resources to learn about the traits and how they influence your body. A 30+ page Comprehensive Analysis based on the Assessments will be also be provided with Model recommendations.

  • Includes a Quick Saliva Test with DNA Report
  • Includes Bio-Genetic Light 1 and Music Assessments.
  • Includes ONE Potentia Forum Personal Advisory Session.
  • Also includes 3 books: Your Exceptional Mind, How We Analyze and Understand Things, and Creative, Organizational and Action Life Skills for Success.

Add-on Option: Purchase Additional packages from The Potentia Forum – Support and Advisory

Total Cost: $750       To Purchase Click Here