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The Discovery of The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is a special genetic structure - A key cell with each of us. It is representative of the notion that there exists a perfect physical "cell", which in turn leads to a perfect entity--the Holy Blood concept. This cellular unit is biological and is developed according to certain principles of creation, organization and functionality. When human behavior follows these principles, with selfless intent, mastery ensues--sometimes enlightenment.

It is a visible, comprehensive method for defining the structure of Nature. It is a set of principles and systems we utilize every day.


The Holy Grail represents something we all want badly and is very difficult to achieve!

It is actually representative of a perfect bloodline; a genetics which fosters superior Creative, Organizational and Functional talents. It does this in all realms, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually intuitively.

The Holy Grail “Cell"

The Holy Grail “Cell"

The Holy Grail represents a segment of our genetics which enables incredible levels of potential development. It's inbred. This was found in our research of cellular development. It's what the scriptures and ancient sites are all trying to tell us. The Holy Grail calls out to each of us, "Follow me, Follow Nature!"
Since our discovery of the Holy Grail stems directly from biological principles of cellular development, we have successfully applied these principles to behavior, intelligence and potential development! Hence, we have captured the efficiency, effectiveness, truth and virtue of Nature and then applied that to the human psyche!

Historically, it is an ancient mystical mystery addressing the secrets of life, while in a grounded sense; it is a methodology for answering life's questions. It concerns things people want, but, are hard to achieve.

It helps us to plan, organize and function at high levels. Also, it assists us in synthesizing and synchronizing information. On a universal scale, the principles and systems (P&S) reflect an order of Natural Law, because of their adherence to the physical sciences and its interpretation of human behavior. Because the P&S are inherent in various physical sciences (such as biology and chemistry) they are non-referential (actually they are directional and instructional). They cannot be manipulated by human rules.

Is the Grail experience Cranial? Experiential? Intuitive? It's all of that and more. After you understand it (which is relatively easy) and you start to experience it in your daily life, its intuitive Nature will be nurtured.

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