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Student Success Program


This program offers a unique approach to Learning and Development. The mission of the program is to develop high school, college, and postgraduate life skills by virtue of its Natural Thinking and Intelligence program.

Students will learn the following concepts:

The Human Character Formula- This formula enables one to promptly and effectively solve problems and conflicts;

The Great Inhibitors- Those factors which determine Achievement and Success;

The Organizational Principles- The Six Components present in all organizations; and

Natural Intelligence- The 13 types of Intelligence we all possess, what they are, how they work, and how they will enhance your intellectual capacity.

  • Includes Bio-Genetic Light 1 Assessment.
  • Includes 3 books: Your Exceptional Mind; How We Analyze and Understand Things; and Creative, Organizational and Action Life Skills for Success.
  • Learn how to utilize the Natural Intelligence Cubes in your decision making.
  • Includes FOUR Potentia Forum Personal Advisory Sessions.

Add-on Option:  Purchase Additional packages from The Potentia Forum – Support and Advisory

Total Cost: $750  To Purchase Click here