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Self-Awareness Cubes

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Why the cubes work!

In our everyday reality we measure time with a clock and distance with a ruler. Quantum mechanics is not like that. Instead, it presents the probability that a given event will occur at some point in time. Translation: Since we are dealing with fundamental principals with the cubes, it then becomes a matter of time before the applicable principle manifests.

Neils Bohr's Complementarily tells us that a single principle may not be sufficient to explain an observation regardless of its correctness, and that other principles may be necessary for a total explanation. Translation; Even if one cube exemplifies an accurate portrait of an issue, chances are the interaction of several or all the cubes is necessary to affect a correct profile. Werner Heisenberg stated that we cannot universally know or measure all issues. This Uncertainty of knowing stems from functioning in a closed system only. The cubes utilize a closed model but in an open system procedure. James Glick (DNA Fame) and Ilyer Prigogine stated that Chaos is "patterns within patterns", and "levels on levels". Translation; the 13 fundamentals are connected even though they are separate. They can occur on any level and still connect with other levels. In a very real sense, parts can be wholes and wholes can be parts! Einstein said everything is relative. While each cube may seem to be separate (and it is) they are all connected. P. Karl Pribrim and David Bohm declared through Holographic Theory that parts of an object (the whole) are a representation of the whole and vice versa. This connects exclusive and unrelated factors. Translation: the cubes are separate systems, patterns, but interactive.

Multidimensionality deals with the laws of various levels of reality and their differences from each other. The cubes use this theory no only to connect the various principles impacting an event but also to understand how various levels and parts (cubes) have their own existence, while at the same time move within a greater frame work.

Ludwig von Bertalanfly who developed General Systems Theory, demonstrated how all key principles possessed a dynamic process. GST describes its models in a qualitative and not formalized language. It deduces universal principles that are valid for any system. Translation; the 13 cubes act as independent systems interacting with other systems and creating different systems. We can then "uncover" layers of patterns until we find the core under lying the issue. This is akin to unveiling chaos and complexity.



The cubes work because they represent the basic principles of thinking and behavior.

Also, although independent from each other they connect with each other continuously!

Regardless of which cube (s) come up they in some way are related to the others. Therefore they show various parts of a whole (issue).

Closed systems are naturally predictive. The cubes are unique because they integrate closed and open systems.


The following are the basis for the efficacy of the cubes.

  • Based on 13 principles of nature and human behavior
  • Based on Polarity
  • Based on Potential
  • Reflect the way the mind works
  • The cubes will always relate to the issue somehow
  • They integrate the absolute principles and various beliefs
  • The 13 Principles emanate from physics, biology, systems theory, Math, psychology, quantum mechanics, chemistry

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