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Your Next Step


We began by aboard-1273117_960_720sking you about Your Challenges and giving you an overview of Our Solutions based on The Science of Achievement and the Laws of Potential.

We invite you to take our Potential Assessment and schedule a Complimentary Consultation to learn more and see which program below is right for you.

You can also call 1800.414.4135 (North America and World-Wide) to speak with our Program Director about customizing program for you and/or your business or organization.




These programs present a prototype which enables one to clearly describe and efficiently implement their thinking, in order to identify their life pathways. By following this prototype, we can see an individual’s conscious and subconscious, as well as their Genetic and Environmental traits and profiles.






Our Programs include:

Our Services include:


We believe people and organizations are dynamic and entirely capable of change and development in which anything is possible.  Imagine being able to reach your Full Potential to achieve all your goals and realize your purpose.

The Science of Achievement is a proven to accomplish all of this … and more!  Take YOUR next step now and schedule your Complimentary Consultation.

You can also call our Program Director at 1800.414.4135 if you have any questions.

As Dr. Bob says, “The power of your journey to brilliance is within your focus!”