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Natural Intelligence

A Synthesized, Organized and Synchronized Model of Multiple Intelligences, and their Systems

Definition of Intelligence: The ability to recognize data and assimilate it into a whole picture.

Definition of Natural Intelligence: A Natural Science comprised of innate cognition found in human cellular development and genetic structure as well as in Physical Sciences, such as Biology, Chemistry, etc, all of which demonstrate interpretive characteristics.


Like Howard Gardner’s Theory, NaTI is one of multiple intelligences. However, unlike Gardner, NaTI has organized 13 principles not 7 or 8 disconnected factors. Further unlike Gardner and Robert Sternberg’s Tribrachic Theory of Intelligence., NaTI is a structure set of cognitive systems which function individually yet collectively – A synthesis of parts and the whole. Moreover, unlike the notion of social intelligence, such as that proposed by E.L. Thorndike and Sternberg, NaTI does not separate social “learning”, such as experiential, from academic intelligence. Additionally NaTI does not isolate nor classify these multiple intelligences into notions of Polarity (such as right or wrong, practical or academic, etc.). Rather it assimilates opposition into ones intellectual abilities, and behavioral attitudes.


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