>  Enhanced Thinking and Intelligence Skills Plan

Enhanced Thinking and Intelligence Skills Plan


This is a combination of the DNA NaTI and Resolution Potential Model.  It is a highly extensive insight into your thinking and your underlying mind issues.   It addresses deep seeded life issues such as Purpose and Mission.  In addition, this program utilizes our Laws of Potential Model and will Provide you with an Action Program for Unparalleled Achievement and will help you expand your Thinking and Cognitive abilities.  In addition, this will help you Simplify Problem Solving, Introduce the 13 Natural Intelligences, Provide Ordered and Structured Thinking as well as teach you Abstract, Critical and Multiple Types of Thinking Systems.  It will clearly open your mind and provide clarity and understanding on a significant level.

  • Includes Quick DNA Saliva Test.
  • Includes Bio-Genetic Light 1, Bio-Genetic Light 2, and Music Assessments.
  • Includes 4 books: Decoding Potential; Your Exceptional Mind; How We Analyze and Understand Things; and Creative, Organizational and Action Life Skills for Success.
  • Includes FOUR Potentia Forum Personal Advisory Sessions.

Add-on Option:  Purchase Additional packages from The Potentia Forum – Support and Advisory

Total Cost: $975  To Purchase Click here