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The entire universe and beyond is composed of an essential unit substance which is alive and symmetrical. It is composed of an energy which is personal and impersonal. Further, it reflects itself throughout in matter and spirit, in motion and structure. It is reflexive and reflective. The microcosm and the macrocosm are a living, self-organizing system which is known to some as NATURE. It is a singularity with a dualistic nature.


To illustrate this last point, imagine a single, straight line emulating a stream of energy. The line is divided by one’s focus. It is further subdivided by r elated aspects of that focus and the given perceptions of that focus.


It is a static, constant, dynamic entity; underlying all static, the potential, the still point, the Omni essence, and omnipresence.


The constant aspect is the focus that activates the static. Its mechanism is focusing - the center point of reality. Focusing is the observation, investigation, and evolutionary force of consciousness. Here, consciousness images.

The dynamic is the manifest form which stems from the interaction of the above. This is the process of transformation of the abstract (the absolute, the static) to the concrete (the dynamic) through relativity, i.e., by way of architypes. The dynamic is our reality.


The universe is mechanized by paradox, polarity, variance around invariance. This embraces the concept of the three-in one. The three-in,-one relates to the three aspects of creativity - will, belief and expression, on a consciousness realm. On a scientific realm, we relate the three-in-one to the 1:2 ratio (evident throughout various ancient sites and scriptures), as the first vibration - the no point, the vibrating stillness. It also relates directly to the spiral by way of the Fibonacci series.


The 1st Vibration - The Reflection of the Absolute (as a result of consciousness imaging)

  • The Absolute
  • The Power Source


The 2nd Vibration - The Reflexive Principle (The image is polarized by the boundaries of a focus)


  • I believe there is a singular, long-standing frequency wave which underlies and permeates the universe. All the frequencies interact with this one, creating reality through the resulting interference patterns. Accordingly, a universal energy which has a personality as well as intelligence develops.


Additionally, there is an energy grid structure within which this base frequency interacts. This energy grid pattern is geometrically structured. Fundamentally, it is a cube containing 13 dimensions of complimentary pairs. This latter concept is based upon a unique interpretation of the scriptures, ancient sites, as well as the concept of "Genesa" of Dr. Derald Langham. Dr. Langham states, and we believe, that this concept is the basis of Natural Law. Therefore all of the concepts of philosophies, science, and etc., are explainable through it. For instance, it explains graphically how the universe can expand in all directions at once from any point in the universe.


From the above, there are several implications which should be apparent. The first is that matter stems from res instance, an orderly resistance, a geometrically-orderly resistance. Accordingly all reality is truth.


The absoluteness of this force is finite and infinite. It is the meeting point of paradox. It is finite in the sense that it is perfect order and therefore identifiable. One can consider this a closed order. It is infinite in that it cannot be totally embraced. It repeats and continues on for infinity. Accordingly, then, we have a finite closed system operating and expanding <and contracting) into an open infinite system. We then enter in to a classic holographic universe where the whole is "repeated" in its parts.


Among the other characteristics of the God force is that it is a natural and "benignly benevolent" force. In a mechanistic sense, we come to a clearer understanding of the language between science and philosophy. The understanding we are coming to here is that life functions on all levels can be readily defined by the mechanics of science, i.e., the human emotion of love is analogous to the scientific principle of chemical bonding. Therefore, if we understand the mechanics of science, we have further insight into the language of mankind. There cannot be any restrictions upon the sciences in this application to mankind. Up until just recently, scientists have unequivocally stated that each scientific discipline belongs within its own category. This is restriction. Traditional and conventional science does not know enough, by its own admission, of the overall mechanics of the universe or its meaning. Therefore, fundamental logic deduces the existence of untapped areas that must be addressed. It is the intermingling of data from various sources other than a particular discipline that we are proposing here. This inter-discipline or cross-disciplining of research in this analogy has been immensely successful should not be denied.


The success we speak of is most practically demonstrated in our everyday business and personal lives. The creative and receptive-minded executive has been found to be, for the most part, successful regardless of his or her field of endeavor. They have opened their minds and, therefore, released themselves of restrictive and inhibited thinking practices. As this phenomenon promulgates, it then becomes even more critical that the mechanics of the senses be understood.