The Gilchrist Institute was founded in 1984 by Dr. Robert Flower PhD. For over 35 years, our mission has been driven by his passion for exploring and optimizing Human Potential and Natural Intelligence.

Our research and discoveries have taken us on a remarkable journey that has led to the establishment and development of a totally new science. We call this revolution in understanding the Science of Achievement. Its foundations include biology, psychology, chemistry and physics.

Our research has also uncovered a set of natural principles we call the Laws of Potential. Potential is fundamentally an unsatisfied, undeveloped universal force that seeks to be realized or expressed. Thousands of people around the globe are discovering how to harness and use Natural Intelligence, the Laws of Potential and the Science of Achievement to achieve their goals in business and in life.

We’ve created this website to share all of this information and these ideas with you. We invite you to get started with Your Challenges and Our Solutions. You can learn more at Keys to Success and watch a great video when you Meet Dr. Bob. Then we hope you’ll take Your Next Step with us.